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Starr Industries Champions Excellence at the 2023 Subcontractor Trade Association Awards Gala

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Starr Industries took to the stage at Gotham Hall, New York, as a bronze sponsor of the 2023 Subcontractor Trade Association Awards Gala. This elegant event celebrated New York’s Best Builders, honoring the top visionaries, innovators, and leaders of 2023.

Starr Industries: Elevating Standards in the Scaffolding Industry

Starr Industries, a renowned player in the scaffolding industry, has been delivering top-notch scaffolding services for over 25 years. By sponsoring the STA Awards Gala, we underscore our commitment to fostering innovation, maintaining excellence, and supporting organizations that strive for continual industry growth.

The Significance of the Subcontractor Trade Association Awards Gala

Positioned as the premier organization for union subcontractors in New York, the Subcontractor Trade Association (STA) is a key player in providing educational opportunities, lobbying for legislative changes, and establishing networking avenues for its members. On a daily basis, STA advocates for its affiliates in interactions with governmental entities, public authorities, and real estate developers, with an emphasis on resolving conflicts without resorting to legal proceedings.

The STA Awards Gala, an annual celebration, shines a spotlight on the most accomplished and inventive builders. As sponsors of this prestigious occasion, we reiterate our commitment to recognize outstanding performance and to bolster the vital role STA plays in our industry.

Starr Industries: Promoting Growth and Innovation at Gotham Hall

This year’s STA Awards Gala, held at the picturesque Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway, New York, was a testament to Starr Industries’ commitment to championing growth and innovation in the scaffolding industry. As a sponsor, we were thrilled to provide a platform for new and emerging subcontractors to be recognized, spurring further development and innovation in our field.

Looking Ahead: Strengthening Ties for a Brighter Future

Our sponsorship of the 2023 Subcontractor Trade Association Awards Gala reaffirms our dedication to the scaffolding industry. We recognize the importance of fostering relationships, encouraging recognition and professional growth, and investing in the future of our industry.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the STA 2023 Construction Awards Gala! Starr Industries is looking forward to supporting future industry excellence and continuing to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality scaffolding solutions.

With Starr Industries, you’re building with the best—today and always.

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