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At Starr Industries LLC, we offer specialized, custom-designed scaffold platforms that can significantly reduce the risks that workers face at height. Our professional engineers team up with contractors to create unique scaffolding platforms that make up-tower work easy. All of our components meet OSHA standards and guarantee complete safety for both workers and the public. 

Custom platforms are non-standard suspended platforms that have special specifications and they are tailored to meet the unique requirements of constructing irregular buildings and structures. These platforms offer a high level of safety and are very functional. They are designed to be lightweight and can be easily restructured, making it even more convenient and efficient to complete the construction and maintenance of irregular structures.

Starr Industries LLC, provides reliable custom platforms for a wide range of companies. These platforms have been developed with safe modular systems, allowing them to adapt to any environment well. Some of the custom platform solutions we offer include:

· Multiple angled platforms: These platforms have been designed to access structures with a variety of unique shapes.

· Circular platforms: These platforms provide doughnut or circular shaped work platforms. They are ideal for the construction and maintenance of wind towers, kilns, and smokestacks.

· Double decked angled platforms: These platforms have a configuration of between 9m to 15m, enabling convenient access to tight corners. They can be used during waterproofing, caulking, wall installation, and other commercial building maintenance or construction projects.

· Square platforms: These platforms are designed to allow workers to access all four walls at the same time during construction and maintenance works. The design of the platforms reduces time and shifting costs as well.

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