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At Starr Industries LLC, we offer various types of scaffolding support to meet our customers’ demands. We use high-quality materials to construct our scaffold support systems that will not only provide the required support, but also ensure safety for on-site workers and the public. Our scaffolding experts work hand in hand with engineering professionals to ensure that the scaffolding solutions are strong enough to support both equipment and workers.

Some of the commercial uses where scaffolding support services are required include:

  • Construction projects: Despite the use of expandable ladders and heavy-duty cranes, scaffolding support is still required in the construction industry. This is because scaffolds are cheaper, safer and quicker to use, especially when working on tall structures. Scaffold support systems are not limited by height restrictions.
  • Temporary seating applications: Scaffolding support can also be used in special sporting events. A temporary stand with a spider’s web design is erected to accommodate a few spectators.
  • Camera and lighting setup: Major events like sports events and concerts require scaffolding support for camera operators and commentators. These support systems are expertly built and tested to ensure complete safety.
  • Cleaning and renovations: Many tall buildings require an intricate web of scaffolding to complete renovation and cleaning jobs. They provide a safe environment for workers.
  • Advertisements: Scaffolding support makes it possible to set up large scale posters for advertising purposes.
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