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Tips To Prevent Hoisting Accidents

Hoisting is an integral part of construction for lifting or lowering a load. However, hoist injuries are commonplace and may result in mere superficial injuries to even death. However, there are a variety of tips available to prevent hoisting accidents and ensure hoisting can be a safe and conducive task.

Good Planning Can Prevent Hoisting Accidents

Every hoisting job requires planning, and planning can prevent hoisting accidents. However, if the hoisting job deviates from the plan, the operation has to end. In the planning processes, key danger areas have to be identified and risk assessment has to be conducted. In this key assessment, certain factors are considered, such as the hoist, the hoisting method, hoisting equipment, and finally, the number of employees needed for the hoisting job. Every hoisting operation has to be documented on a Management System to provide a form of accountability.

A Competent Key Personnel Can Prevent Hoisting Accidents

In order to prevent hoisting accidents, it is important to have a key personnel to be in charge of the hoisting operation. The key personnel will look through the hoisting plan and ensure existing protocols are applied and the hoisting operation goes according to plan. It’s also important for key personnel to ensure the hoisting team is reachable through communication tools, such as radio and so on. The key personnel also ensures that the main tasks are allocated and understood well. There should also be a clearing space to prevent overhead loads from falling on workers. Key personnel should abstain from utilizing manual load handling to stop a swinging load unless this is done below shoulder height.

A Competent Team Can Prevent Hoisting Accidents

It’s crucial for the hoisting operating team to be trained and be competent to carry out the hoisting operations and to operate hoisting equipment. The key personnel should also ensure that the operating team is refreshed on their technical knowledge to maintain their technical competence.

Proper Equipment Can Prevent Hoisting Accidents

Every hoisting equipment has to be accompanied with safety attachments as a form of safety protocol. The safety attachments equipped on the lifting equipment have to be functional and under no circumstance should they be overridden. Every hoist also comes with overload protection gadgets and prevents situations where the load exceeds the hoisting equipment capability.

Proper Inspection Can Prevent Hoisting Accidents

Equipment has to undergo inspection and maintenance, and this has to be recorded on the equipment register. In addition, hoisting equipment has to be inspected by a relevant inspection personnel once a year. For equipment used to hoist people, they should be inspected once every six months. Prior to any use, hoisting equipment has to be visually inspected by the relevant inspection team.

Load Integrity and Stability Prevent Hoisting Accidents

The load must not exceed the dynamic and/or static capacities of all hoisting equipment. Each load must be validated for its integrity prior to the hoisting operation.

Workers Should Not Be Hoisted to Prevent Hoisting Accidents

Hoisting of workers is a dangerous operation and should now be carried out unless the risk is shown to be relatively low. In addition, there should be a separate hoisting operation plan when workers are being hoisted.

We Can Help You to Prevent Hoisting Accidents

At Starr Industries, we provide a range of hoisting solutions for your hoisting projects. We also provide insights on how to prevent hoisting accidents to ensure the safety of your workers. Contact us to find out more!

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