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Stair Scaffold VS. Ladder Scaffold

Scaffolding is an essential part of building construction or maintenance. If you’re looking for scaffolding, look no further. Our team at Starr Industries provides a variety of scaffolding options to meet your business needs. With our proven expertise, let us share with you the differences between a stair scaffold and a ladder scaffold to ensure you make an informed business decision.

Stair Scaffolding Is Safer

Statistics have shown that 1/7 of deadly falls happens from a ladder scaffold. Safety is paramount and stair scaffolds provide that level of safety. Stair scaffold is typically a safer option as compared to ladder scaffold as they provide more space for free-standing, ensuring a stable work environment. This is possible as stair scaffolds are made of a sturdy and secure infrastructure to support the platform. The stair scaffold also does not require any human support from the top or bottom, making it highly secure compared to the ladder scaffold. The stair scaffold can endure heavy weight, allowing your employees to work seamlessly without being interrupted with the nagging fear of falling.

Meanwhile, ladder scaffolds merely have 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet space, providing minimal space for your employees to navigate around. With a constrained space, one misstep could prove to be fatal. By using a stair scaffold, your employees can work, without worrying about their safety or compromising on the quality of their work.

It’s imperative to understand the instructions of working on a stair scaffold so caution must be exercised, such as not doing anything that can destabilize the stair scaffold or get caught while transferring the stair scaffold.

Stair Scaffolding is Easier to Work On

Certain tasks like painting may require workers to stretch out to an awkward position to reach a tight spot, which may be dangerous. A stair scaffold allows workers to work on spots that are difficult to reach as it provides robust support for your workers. With little strain and without spending time to over-stretch in the air, your workers can work efficiently and take lesser time to complete their tasks.  With a stair scaffold, it makes it easier to work on. Your workers can ensure a job is well done while ensuring work safety.

However, a ladder scaffold does not provide that kind of robustness and support. While ladder scaffolds allow for quick, minor work, the lack of stability may potentially jeopardize your worker’s safety and the quality of your work.

Stair Scaffolding is More Straightforward to Maneuver

Stair scaffolds are equipped with wheels to enable users to navigate around their work easily. With a stable stair structure, your workers can also easily work around their tasks without much hassle. Stair scaffolds also enable quicker access to the platform where many workers can work concurrently. However, a ladder scaffold requires your workers to climb up and down the ladder when the need arises, putting your workers at risk of falling with repeated movement around a tight space. The ladder also does not permit multiple people from working in different directions, making it less straightforward to maneuver around it.

Starr Industries Provide the Best Stair Scaffolding Options

At Starr Industries, we know that safety and efficiency are paramount to you. Our stair scaffolding solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs and budget. Contact us to find out more!

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