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Scaffold Stair Tower For Safety

In the construction industry, falling from heights is one of the major causes of fatalities and major injuries. To ensure workplace safety for construction workers, employers need to carefully consider how they can provide the best protection and take the necessary safety precautions while maintaining productivity. There are multiple options for construction stair access, from the traditional ladder to the more advanced scaffold stair tower, which is a cost-effective and practical option. Read on to find out the benefits of using scaffold stair towers for construction site safety.


Scaffold stair towers are much safer than traditional ladders because they have a wider surface area. Compared to a ladder that only has two legs and needs to rest at an angle for support, a scaffolding stair tower is free-standing because it sits on four legs. This allows construction workers to focus better on their work on a stable, flat platform. Although a scaffold stair tower is less prone to wobbling than a ladder, it must still be used with care. Safety is the most important, hence scaffold stair towers must be carefully erected and dismantled.


When construction worker need to carry many equipment and tools while working at a height, a ladder will not provide them with sufficient space. Furthermore, using ladders means that the construction worker has to keep repositioning the ladder whenever they want to change the spot they are working on. This wastes time and decreased productivity. Someone will also have to stand at the bottom of the ladders to ensure that it is stable. On the other hand, a scaffold stair tower provides construction workers with a platform to stand and move around on. The platform has railings installed to prevent the construction worker from falling off. Materials used in making a scaffold stair tower are strong and will provide the ability to hold people and equipment.

Easy to Move

Scaffold stair towers are typically equipped with wheels to let the construction worker move the tower’s location easily. When moving a scaffold stair tower, it is crucial to reduce its height until it is not taller than 4 meters. Moreover, do not forget about removing possible hazards before moving the scaffold stair towers, such as wires and other obstructions. Make sure to check the environment thoroughly because there may be risk factors, such as potholes in the ground. Ensure that the scaffold stair tower does not have anyone or anything on.

Strength of Assembly

Scaffold stair towers are made of strong and durable frames to support the entire platform and the person using it. However, it is important that they are assembled according to instructions and the limitations of use are adhered to.

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