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Barricades: Why Are They Important In Construction Sites?

Have you ever wondered why barricades are necessary around construction sites? They provide some sort of protection, but what are their main uses? And also, why are there so many types of barricades available out there? You might be happy to find out that barricades serve multiple purposes around construction sites and working without them is actually illegal.

If you are thinking of starting a construction project soon, then keep reading this article. You’ll find out everything you need to know about barricades, their uses, advantages, and other details related to them.

Protect from Danger

One of the main roles of barricades around construction sites is to provide protection to workers. These items are usually anchored to the ground with weights and this provides additional protection against drivers who might accidentally bump into them. Moreover, barricades are made from durable materials and they are large in size so they can be seen from a distance. In some cases, they also feature reflective surfaces so that drivers can see them during low-light conditions. All this is done to protect workers moving around the construction site and minimize injuries and damages in worst-case scenarios.

Keep Stray Animals Away

Yes, barricades can be useful to keep wildlife away as well. A construction site needs to be protected at all costs against different types of animals such as stray cats, dogs, and even deer or raccoons, depending on where the construction site is located. If these animals get inside, they might damage building materials while running around looking for food. At the same time, workers cannot do their job if stray dogs are running around confused as this provides an enormous distraction from daily tasks. Catching these animals also takes time and effort, so it’s best to use barricades to prevent them from entering the construction site in the first place.

Redirecting Traffic

Barricades also serve the role of redirecting traffic away from the construction area and instructing drivers to take alternate routes. This is just temporary until work on a certain area of the building is finished. Barricades used for redirecting traffic might contain additional information and road signs to let drivers know what routes to use to avoid that particular construction site.

Providing Information

Apart from alternate routes, barricades mounted around construction sites can also provide relevant and useful information such as the name of the general contractor, project deadline, and so on. This information is usually displayed using special signage mounted on top of the barricades. The writing is also large and easy to read, so drivers and passersby can understand more about the construction site from a distance.

These are just a few of the uses of barricades in construction sites, but there are plenty of others. Barricades are a vital component before beginning your project, so make sure that you choose the right ones. If you need help in this regard then make sure that you contact one of our specialists today. At Starr Industries, we specialize in scaffolding, fencing, and pedestrian barricades for various construction projects.

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