Standard Shoring Posts

Shoring posts are a critical element of shoring systems, which are temporary structures in place to support the walls or structure of a building, space or trench. They are used in both below-ground excavations and above-ground buildings. Although shoring is an age-old technique, advancements have allowed grander structures to be built over time.

What Are Standard Shoring Posts?

Shoring posts are vertical, horizontal or angled beams designed to hold up a structure and support a load. A range of standard sizes are available, depending on your needs. Shoring posts can be made of various materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. The parts can be used in conjunction with scaffolding material, and the weight that shoring posts can bear is only limited by how many posts are used.

The name “shoring” comes from the word “shore”, which refers to a timber or metal prop. Although shoring is mostly temporary, it is used in the beginning stages of a construction project to hold walls and structures firm while work is being carried out. This not only ensures the workers’ safety but secures the structure so that everything goes as planned and you are not wasting time and resources.

Standard shoring posts come in a range of fixed measurements that you can choose to fit the needs and height of your structure.

The Benefits of Shoring Systems

Shoring systems come with many benefits in the construction process. Below are just some of them:

  • Holds up a structure, supporting a load while allowing for the foundation to be built
  • Enhances the safety of workers and all involved parties by holding up earthen walls during underground work
  • Saves valuable time, money and resources – if a structure collapses even when there’s no one in or around it, you will have to start again from scratch and all the time and effort put in thus far has been wasted
  • Gives your workers peace of mind that one major safety aspect is taken care of
  • Promotes efficiency by ensuring that projects get completed as timely as possible, without the need to account for unexpected collapses

Applications of Standard Shoring Posts

Shoring posts can be used in a wide variety of applications across the construction industry. Below are just some of their many applications:

  • Above-ground buildings such as homes and apartments
  • Underground buildings such as basements
  • Excavation
  • Trenches
  • Foundation installations and repairs
  • Archaeological digs
  • Renovation projects
  • … and many more!

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