Square Platforms

If you are looking for a supplier of square platforms for any construction work, then look no further than Starr Industries. Here at Starr Industries LLC, we aim to develop custom and specialized scaffolds for any project. This includes platforms like multiple angled platforms, double decked angled platforms and square platforms. Our platforms are not only uniquely designed to fit the needs of our customers and their projects, but they are also designed in such a way to minimize the risk of workers on the platforms, especially since these platforms will elevate workers to great heights. Read on to find out more about the square platforms you can find in our site!

What Are Square Platforms?

A working platform is usually supported by a temporary structure known as a scaffold. These working platforms are great for workers who need to work at a height off the ground, or at a height which cannot be reached from the ground level. Square platforms serve to support and elevate workers for them to carry out their relevant construction works, and are usually designed with lightweight materials for the ease of hoisting workers upwards. These platforms also tend to be assembled and dismantled very easily.

Square platforms are essentially platforms that are designed in a square shape, which can fit into nitty gritty areas that require works whereas it may be more challenging for a regular sized platform to fit in these areas.

The Benefits of Square Platforms

The different platforms that Starr Industries are able to design is extremely valuable in the construction sector. The square platform will be able to fit into areas where normal sized platforms supported by scaffolds cannot, giving workers better access to these areas to carry out works. Furthermore, square platforms are extremely stable due to the even support presented by the scaffolding.

Overall, these square platforms are able to let workers reach hard to reach areas, and can improve their efficiency and productivity as they are not hindered by smaller spaces.

Applications of Square Platforms

Square platforms are able to be used in a variety of construction projects, and are feasible to be used in smaller areas which regular sized platforms may not be able to fit. This is especially convenient for buildings that are odd shaped or smaller buildings which do not require such a big platform.

Buy Square Platforms from Starr Industries Today

Since our inception, our team at Starr Industries has always strived to be the top customer choice for construction works. We use only the best materials to make safe and reliable working platforms to minimize the amount of risk that workers face, especially when working in elevated spaces. We are able to design and custom make working platforms like square platforms should the project call for it. We also offer a wide range of services in order to meet various needs and requirements of our customers. This includes sidewalk bridges/ sheds, working platforms, stair towers, scaffolding, shoring, roof protection, enclosures, hoists, shoring and more.

Contact us at Starr Industries if you’d like to know more. You can call us at 646-756-4648 or email us at office@starrindustriesllc.com.