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Sidewalk Bridge/Shed

Sidewalk Bridge

In addition to being a reputable scaffolding services provider in New York City, Starr Industries LLC is also recognized as a trusted, full-service bridge contractor. Our company maintains a unique position in the market by developing stellar scaffold bridging solutions for large, complex projects at the most competitive rates.

During a building renovation or new construction project, companies are often required to install a sidewalk bridge (also called a temporary shed) to protect pedestrians who need to walk under the contractor’s work area. The emergency installation of these bridges is also required if a building façade is unstable or a dangerous condition exists. Today, there are three main categories of bridges, including:

· Standard bridges: Often made from steel and/or wooden materials. These bridges may also feature silver cross braces and columns.

. Custom bridges: These sheds often feature custom cantilever systems and have a high clearance. Some of the common materials used for its construction include wire mesh panels and plywood. In some cases, fluorescent tubed lighting systems may be installed.

At Starr Industries LLC, we are the leading provider standard and custom bridges in the New York metro area. Our team are experts at supplying, erecting, and dismantling temporary bridges that offer safe access for pedestrians over a wide range of obstructions. Before erecting a bridge, Starr Industries LLC works closely with building owners and contractors to ensure that the bridge is a good fit for the site. We consider various factors, such as parking garage entrances, handicap ramps, loading docks, and the locations of doorways

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