Pipe Scaffolding

Roughly 65% of the construction industry, or an estimated 2.3 million construction employees, work frequently on scaffolds. Every year, 50 deaths and some 4500 injuries can be prevented by protecting workers from accidents related to scaffolding.

Built to support the weight of supplies and building materials, and to withstand repeated use, today’s pipe scaffolding frames are sturdily made. You can depend on Star Industries for reliable, high-quality, expertly constructed scaffolds.

What Is Pipe Scaffolding?

There are several types of pipe scaffolding that can be used for various purposes:

  • Needle scaffolding
  • Double scaffolding
  • Single scaffolding
  • Independent scaffolding

Additionally, there are the following…

  • Supported scaffolds: Consisting of one or more platforms, supported scaffolds are just that – supported by loadbearing, rigid members like outriggers, frames, legs, polls, etc.
  • Suspended scaffolds: There are also suspended scaffolds which are, again, just that – suspended by some non-rigid, overhead support like ropes. They consist of one or more suspended platforms.
  • Other scaffolds: This applies principally to personnel hoists, man lifts, etc. which are sometimes viewed as machinery or vehicles. Technically, however, as another type of supported scaffolds, they can also be classified.

The Benefits of Pipe Scaffolding

Without a doubt, the support of various structures and the safety of endless crew (and even pedestrians) depends, every day, on the sturdiness and reliability of today’s well-built scaffolds.

Scaffolding is specially designed by an engineer to better suit the circumstances in which it will be used. This particularly applies in the following instances:

  • Fabricated, coupler, and tube frame scaffolds that are in excess of 125 feet high
  • Pole scaffolds in excess of 60 feet high
  • While employees are on them, they are to be moved

Applications of Pipe Scaffolding

The requirements of scaffolding support services apply to the following commercial uses:

  • Advertisements – For advertising purposes, it’s possible to set up large scale posters courtesy of scaffolding supports.
  • Cleaning and renovations – To complete cleaning jobs and renovation, an intricate web of scaffolding is acquired on many tall buildings. For workers, they provide a safe environment.
  • Camera and lighting set up – To support commentators and camera operators, scaffolding can be required at major happenings like concerts and sports events. To ensure complete safety, these support systems are expertly tested and built.
  • Temporary seating applications – In special sporting events, scaffold supporting can also be used. To accommodate a few spectators, a temporary stand is erected with a spider’s web design.
  • Construction projects – Despite the use of heavy-duty cranes and expandable ladders, in the construction industry, scaffolding support is still required. But why? Especially when working on tall structures, scaffolds are quicker to use, safer, and cheaper.

Buy Pipe Scaffolding from Starr Industries Today

At Starr Industries LLC, to meet our customers’ demands, we offer various types of scaffolding support. To construct our scaffold support systems, we use high-quality materials. This way, we provide the much-needed support to ensure the safety of the public and on-site workers. As true professionals, our scaffolding experts work diligently to ensure that our solutions in scaffolding are strong enough to support workers and equipment.

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