Commonly used in construction projects such as high-rise buildings, hoists are particularly useful for lifting and lowering heavy loads through the use of drums or lift-wheels around ropes and chain wraps.

About Our Hoist Service

Construction hoists, otherwise commonly known as Buck hoist, builder hoist, Man-Lift, temporary elevator, or construction elevators, are commonly used on large-scale projects in the midst of construction. During this period, the hoist acts as a method of transporting heavy loads such as materials, equipment, and even people quickly between the ground floor and higher floors.

Our construction hoists can be split into 3 different types: personnel movement, material utility movement, as well as dual-rated which is capable of both. Made with either one or two cage cars that travel vertically along tower sections, the mast sections are securely attached to the building or structure itself to ensure stability. As such, the installation of construction hoists must be carefully planned for depending on the different factors surrounding the building structure as well as the type of load to be moved. With advancements in recent technologies, modern construction hoists now make use of motorized rack-and-pinion systems which allow for climbing mast sections at different speeds.

Benefits of Installing Hoist

Installing a hoist strategically would greatly help to increase workplace efficiency and thus result in a quicker construction process. The hoist would allow workers to transport both themselves and equipment to and from the ground floor and save the energy of workers.

Common Applications of Hoist

As mentioned previously, construction hoists mainly serve the purpose of transporting heavy loads like tools and manpower between the ground and higher floors.

Other types of hoists include overhead hoists typically used to lift or lower suspended loads, as well as mining hoists that help to lower and raise conveyances in a mine shaft, similar to elevators.

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Here at Starr Industries, we specialize in the field of scaffolding, offering clients a mirage of services including the installation of hoists, shoring, sidewalk sheds, enclosures, custom platforms, and others alike. Our niche has helped us to focus on delivering the best and modern scaffolding services for our clients. Through our years of operation, we have gained a wealth of experience in different types of scaffolding services across many industries. As such, we are able to understand the needs of our clients as well as offer suggestions and advice based on the knowledge we have.

Our team of project leaders and scaffolders are all experienced and highly trained scaffolders that specialize not only in installation but also in fabrication, modification, as well as design services. Clients that work with us have peace of mind knowing that they can count on our proficiency to deliver quality solutions that meet the highest standards of safety.

As for our hoist solutions, we provide hoist erection, dismantling, as well as repair solutions. Apart from that, we can also help provide parts and services required for hoists to clients.

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