Double Decked Angled Platforms

The double decked angle platform is a very useful platform within the construction industry. The key feature of a double decked angled platform is that it creates an additional work platform, which can help to boost efficiency and productivity, especially if you need to work simultaneously on two levels.  We ensure that the double decked angled platforms we use in our work is safe and meets the highest standards to ensure the safety of our workers.

What Are Double Decked Angled Platforms?

A double decked angled platform is supported by a scaffold, which is a temporary structure to provide access to platforms. Double decked angled platforms have two stable levels, and are designed so that workers can have a safe platform doing work that cannot be reached from the ground level. The second level of the double decked platforms is usually accessible via a trapdoor. Level change can occur quickly and easily, which makes it easy for workers to work effectively and efficiently.

The entire platform can be hoisted upwards, and is developed in a way that is easy to dismantle and assemble. These platforms also have a generous platform length, and the distance between two levels can be adjusted to an appropriate distance for two workers to work on the construction at the same time.

The Benefits of Double Decked Angled Platforms

Double decked angled platforms bring great value to a construction industry. Firstly, it helps to increase worker productivity as double the work can be completed within the same amount of time, given that two workers are working on the same thing at any given time. This means that there is more efficient time use. As such, it can shorten the amount of time needed for construction, increasing the efficiency of the project and shortening the entire project time needed.

These double decked angled platforms are also usually made of strong metals like lightweight aluminum which is both strong and light, which helps to keep workers safe even as they are being hoisted up to high heights to carry out their works.

Applications of Double Decked Angled Platforms

No matter what construction project that is being embarked on, double decked angled platforms will likely be suited for it. If the project involves a multi-level building, chances are double decked angled platforms can help to increase the efficiency of the project by having two parties work on different levels at the same time.

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