Crowd Control Barricades

Acting as both a psychological and physical barrier, crowd control barricades are used to designate an area as a “no access” zone. They can also be used to determine where people will line up. To control large, unlawful gatherings, sometimes they are even used by riot police. In the United States, a crowd control barricade may be referred to as a French barrier. In Hong Kong, a mills barrier. Though it can go by different names, a crowd control barricade is used for obvious reasons – to help maintain or control a crowd.

A typical crowd control barrier, one that most people are familiar with, resembles something on the lines of a portable metal fence or a bike rack. But there are numerous types of barriers used for crowd control. Here are some different kinds of crowd control barricades:

  • ADA pedestrian barricades
  • Stage barriers
  • Wall mount belt stanchions
  • Café barriers
  • Retractable belt stanchions
  • Rope and post barriers
  • Plastic pedestrian barricades
  • Steel barricades

For the sake of brevity, let’s take a look at crowd control barricades in general.

What Are Crowd Control Barricades?

Though both the words barrier and barricade are used here, their definition does differ slightly. The flow of pedestrian traffic is a hindered or physically stopped by a crowd control barricade. On the other hand, barriers are more of a suggestion – a mental dissuade. One popular form of a crowd control barrier are belt stanchions. You’ve probably seen those at your bank. They’re obviously not going to stop anyone from doing anything, but they do suggest just where you’re supposed to go or be.

Various materials can be used, depending on the purpose the barrier has been tasked with. Sometimes, lightweight plastic may be used but many crowd control barricades are constructed of steel. With metal hooks at the end of each barricade, some models are capable of being interlocked end to end. These don’t topple over as easily and can create virtually impenetrable lines for added security.

The Benefits of Crowd Control Barricades

The benefits of using crowd control barricades are many. Because of their versatility, they have specific advantages in precise situations. Generally speaking, however, due to the flexibility of these systems, they are extremely portable. Say, for example, someone made a mess on the floor. Crowd barricades can be put up quickly, the mess cleaned up in a jiffy, and the barricade immediately taken down again. No fuss, no muss. They make for an extremely efficient use of space, as well. When space is severely limited, wall barriers are used to great advantage. They do the job just as efficiently as other barricades, but they save space.

Another huge advantage is the fact that crowd control barricades are highly durable. At construction sites, at festivals, just about anywhere, they can be used over and over again. Even mother nature and her worst weather conditions are no match for most of the barricades made today.

Applications of Crowd Control Barricades

As already mentioned, banks, festivals, and construction sites are popular places for crowd control barricades and/or barriers. Additionally, you could see them at demonstrations, political rallies, parades, sporting events, concerts, large-scale picnics, and more.

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