Barricades are physical barriers that range from fences to signs. These safety products are frequently used in construction sites and they are there to protect important assets from damage. They prevent unauthorized access to areas or limit the movement of people. With barricades, the employees will be able to perform their work without disturbances as well as keep other people safe.

About Our Barricades

Construction barricades can be used for various purposes such as protecting trees against accidental damage. These damages might happen during construction activities. At Starr Industries LLC, we provide you with a wide range of barricades as listed below.

Our Areas of Expertise in Barricades

  • Type I and II Universal Barricades

A Type I barricade has only one reflective panel or fail. It is lightweight and can be folded flat. It can be made out of wood or plastic. A Type II barricade is also lightweight and can be folded flat. It should also collapse upon impact. Instead of one reflective rail, it has two reflective rails. The bottom part of the barricade is reflective so they give you better visibility at night. Type II barricades are recommended to be used for roads with higher speeds and expressways.

  • Type III Barricades

Type III barricades are bigger than the other types of barricades. They are used to block access when an entire path or roadway is closed. They are made out of two uprights with three reflective rails between them.

  • Crowd Control Barricades

Crowd control barricades are commonly used at public events. Event organizers, security personnel, and venue managers use these barricades for their crowd management purposes.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades are multi-purpose barriers used for crowd control and setting perimeters for transportation. They can be used in construction zones, outdoor events, parking garages, and pedestrian walkways.

  • Construction Barrier Systems

Construction barriers are signs, fences, and other devices used in construction sites used to limit the movement of vehicles, personnel, and equipment to a certain area necessary for the work.

  • Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers keep vehicles within the roadway and prevent them from crashing into dangerous obstacles such as trees, boulders, signs, walls, and buildings.

  • Collapsible and Portable Barricades

Collapsible and portable barricades are used to quickly block off any area. They are portable and easy to transport. The adjustable length can fit all your needs.

Benefits of Using Barricades

Using high-quality barricades is great for fencing off areas that are not meant to be accessed by the public. It prevents unauthorized access to certain areas. For construction areas, having barricades helps to ensure the safety of people. The barricades are strong and stable, being effective for regular use on highways or around work sites. They are useful for crowd control and managing flow traffic. 

Common Applications of Barricades

Barricades are commonly used on construction sites to mark out the areas that are under construction and cannot be accessed by the public. They are used for crowd management and perimeter security. Barricades can protect people, equipment, vehicles, trees as well.

Contact Starr Industries for Professional Barricade Solutions

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