Aluminum Scaffolding

Did you know that aluminum is the second most popular material for scaffolding after steel? Two reasons for this is because of how lightweight it is – making for easy portability – and its ability to resist rusting and corrosion. Stairs, ladders, frames, hatch decks and outriggers are just some examples of aluminum scaffolding used in the construction industry and beyond.

What Is Aluminum Scaffolding?

Aluminum scaffolding are temporary metal structures used most commonly as a platform by workers across various industries. This includes repairing and maintaining buildings as well as carrying out construction work. This scaffolding can either be mobile or stationary, although you will find that most units are mobile.

The Benefits of Aluminum Scaffolding

There are numerous reasons aluminum is such a popular material for scaffolding. Below are just some:

  • Due to how lightweight it is, aluminum scaffolding is extremely portable and can be moved by humans without the need for heavy machinery. This makes it a popular choice for projects that are working on limited time as these units can be easily and efficiently transported and assembled.
  • Although aluminum is lightweight, you would be mistaken in thinking that it cannot support heavy duty construction. Aluminum scaffolding is used in both heavy duty and simpler construction processes.
  • As aluminum is made out of strong alloys with surface finishes that are resistant to rusting and corrosion, you can expect your scaffolding to remain in tiptop shape for a long time.
  • Aluminum scaffolding is a cost-friendly option that is made to last. As it can be easily assembled by your own workers, you will be saving on costs in this respect. In addition, once your project is over, you can repurpose the material for other uses.

Applications of Aluminum Scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding is predominantly used in the building and construction industry as raised platform for workers to carry out certain tasks and duties. Below are some of the applications of aluminum scaffolding:

  • Serve as a raised platform for reaching higher surfaces such as roofs
  • Act as a suspended platform for building stages and bridges amongst many others
  • Stabilize structures in a vertical position, enabling workers to safely and easily access various parts of a building
  • Used in cleaning, painting and maintenance jobs, such as cleaning windows or painting the exterior of a building
  • When aluminum scaffolding has served the purpose it is built for, it can be repurposed as ladders and frames

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