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Understanding Your Safety Barricades

Safety barricades prevent people from trespassing beyond a dangerous area. They pose as obstacles and prevent the public from entering certain places and prevent unauthorized access and damage to assets. At Starr Industries, we provide a variety of safety barricades of the highest quality, such as crowd control barricades, traffic barriers, Type I and II universal barricades and the list goes on. With our experiences in different projects under our belt, let us explain the types of safety barricades available here at Starr Industries.

Type I Universal Barricade

Type I barricades are typically traffic safety barricades. Type I safety barricades are usually foldable and only have one reflective panel or rail. Some of them may have an orange and white striped design. Their safety feature is in its foldable design. When vehicles hit this safety barricade, it will collapse immediately and not fly upon impact and hit any passerby or buildings. Its collapsible nature allows it to be packed compactly and deployed to the different areas and allows it to be taken down rapidly. Type I universal barricades are usually used for roads with slow traffic.

Type II Universal Barricade

Like the Type I universal barricade, except that it has two reflective rails. As it has more reflective rails than Type I universal barricades, it’s the safety barricade best used at night and is often deployed on expressways or roads with high-speed traffic.

Type III Barricade

It is the largest of the three universal barricades and has three reflective panels, as the name suggests. As the largest traffic safety barricade, it’s often used to close off roads since it’s the most visible safety barricade for traffic. It’s capable of blocking off an entire road.

Crowd Control Barricade

Crowd control barricades are safety barricades that are often employed in public events with large crowd sizes. These barriers are difficult to be run over. It acts as a physical barrier, preventing people from accessing a zone they are forbidden to enter. They are usually made of steel and are highly effective at crowd control when they are interlocked with their in-build hooks. As they are sturdy, crowd control barricades are difficult to be run over.

Construction Barrier Systems

Construction barrier systems form effective, heavy-duty barriers for construction sites. Made of welded steel, this safety barricade has a galvanized finish and is made of steel tubing and a metal horizontal brace. It’s often used to prevent unauthorized access to construction sites.

Pedestrian Barricade

Pedestrian barricades are safety barricades that provide a physical barrier for crowd control. It’s an effective way to direct and re-organize pedestrian foot traffic. It’s usually painted in visible colors like white and orange, making it easy for the regular pedestrian to spot. They are usually made of plastic and acts as a highly economical way to control crowd movement.

Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers are safety barricades that ensure vehicles keep a safe distance on highways and prevent collision with road obstacles like trees or from falling off the cliff. As a guard rail, they ensure vehicles stay on the road safely in the line and direction of traffic.

Why Choose Starr Industries’ Safety Barricades?

At Starr Industries, we provide options for high-quality safety barricades to suit your ever-changing business needs. Whether it’s for crowd control or to prevent access into unauthorized areas, we have the safety barricade just for you. Contact us to discover the best scaffolding options you may need for your business!

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