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Understanding The Different Types Of Barricades

Barricades are useful when it comes to controlling motor and pedestrian traffic in locations where some kind of work is going on. For a variety of reasons, it sometimes becomes necessary to control the movement of people and cars for safety reasons. A good example is a construction site in a pubic location where a constructor might deem it necessary to guide human traffic on the sidewalks. This protects people from falling objects and other potential hazards.  There are many different kinds of barricades depending on the location of use and purpose. These two factors are what determine the choice of the barricade to be used.

In this blog post, we list out some of the different kinds of barricades and where each type of barricade can be used. In a general sense, there are three broad categories of barricades.

Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades are used to control human traffic and ensure that pedestrians are safe. They are used in numerous locations such as festivals, events, project sites, factories, and many other places. Using pedestrian barricades is significantly cheaper and probably more effective than hiring staff to control human traffic. The other advantage is that unlike crowd-control staff, barricades can work in the rain, snow, hot weather, and almost any kind of weather condition. Pedestrian barricades come in different types namely metal barricades, plastic barricades, vinyl fencing, and sports panel PVC. Each of these barricades is good for different conditions. For example, steel barricades are great for crowd control such as during parades and other events where large numbers of people are expected. They also work well on uneven surfaces as they are designed to grip jagged terrain.

Traffic Barriers

As the name suggests, traffic barriers are used to control traffic and ensure the safety of all road users. Traffic barriers are used in a variety of situations such as during events, at road works, and in many other places. Depending on the purpose of the barriers, traffic barriers come in different forms and shapes. They also tend to be painted bright colors and often, use reflective paint so that the barricades are visible at night and in conditions of low visibility. Types of traffic barricades include traffic cones, A-frame barricades, and traffic barrels.

Traffic barriers are made of different materials including plastic. Some traffic barriers are designed to be filled with water in order to reinforce their impact-absorption power. Water-filled traffic barriers are particularly easy to use as they can easily be moved from place to place. The water is drained out, making the barriers light and portable. Once they are set up where they are needed, they are refilled with water to restore their absorption power.

Expanding Length Barricades

Expanding length barricades are typically used in situations where one does not know the length of the barricade that they need. For this reason, they are designed to be very versatile and can easily be adjusted to the required length. Expanding length barricades are often found in warehouses, factories, and other similar locations.

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