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Sidewalk Sheds Are A Necessity

At some point in time, depending on the city in which you live, you and your friends who also live there may have referred to it as “Construction Central”. If you live in a big city, you may know this feeling more than most. New York is a good example. There’s always something being demolished, constructed, refurbished, reinvented, etc. Every time you turn around, there’s some kind of construction that overflows onto the sidewalk and, worst case scenario, out into the street.

Sidewalk sheds and scaffolding are not uncommon in areas such as these. While scaffolding is meant to support workers on and around the building, as well as more avant-garde uses for scaffolding, sidewalk sheds are there for the sole purpose of creating a safe environment for pedestrians.

Sidewalk Sheds – What Are They?

Erected over pedestrian walkways and sidewalks, sidewalk sheds are put in place to protect pedestrians from falling debris that may come from overhead construction work. They are structures which are put in place on a temporary basis that, during construction, allow businesses to remain operable and foot traffic to flow safely.

A permit from the city is needed before a sidewalk shed plan can be carried out. It must be specific to a site and adhere to particular guidelines. Injuries to construction workers, pedestrians, and more can be the result of sidewalk sheds that violate or fall short of restrictions or lack structural support. Clearly, they have not met the requirements needed for this type of protective covering.

Qualifications For Sidewalk Sheds

Because ensuring safety is a priority, as with any construction job, sidewalk sheds must meet certain requirements. They must:

  • Be inspected
  • Have proper structural support
  • Be engineered and constructed correctly
  • Be designed properly
  • First have a permit for a plan to be initiated

When Acquiring a Safety Shed Permit, Consider Safety First

Before the erection of a sidewalk shed, the company providing the shed must agree to work closely with contractors and building owners to assure that, for the site in question, the shed is a good fit. Various factors will be considered, including the following:

  • Location of doorways in buildings adjacent to shed
  • Loading docks
  • Handicap ramps
  • Parking garage entrances, and more

Turn to Starr Industries for Your Sidewalk Sheds

You may also hear sidewalk sheds referred to as sidewalk bridges. At Starr Industries, we offer the option of custom sidewalk sheds or standard sheds.

With a high clearance, custom cantilever systems are also offered with our custom sheds. For their construction, materials can include plywood, wire mesh panels, and more. We may be able to install fluorescent tube lighting systems, depending on surrounding circumstances and requirements.

Our standard sheds can be made from wooden materials or steel. Silver cross braces and columns may also be featured in these sheds.

For top-quality sidewalk shed solutions, you can always turn to Starr Industries. Backed by years of experience and work on countless projects, our reputation is unsurpassed.

Contact us today if you are in need of sidewalk sheds, scaffolding, shoring, working platforms, stair towers, roof protection, hoists, enclosures, barricades, and more.

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