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4 Common Uses Of Pedestrian Barricades

Construction sites require different types of elements for protection and safety while a building is erected. For example, retaining walls and fences might be needed to keep water, soil, and other elements away from the foundation of the building. At the same time, pedestrian barricades are required to divert pedestrian traffic and provide a distraction-free environment for the workers.

But how can you use pedestrian barricades? Are they suitable for construction sites only? This article goes in-depth when it comes to this type of barricades, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about them.

They Are Used for Crowd Control

Pedestrian barricades are often used in places where large events are held and hundreds or thousands of people are expected to attend. This is necessary to create organized queues so that everyone has a chance to present a ticket before entering an arena, concert hall, club, or stadium. Pedestrian barricades also let people know right away what path to follow to get to the entrance of a particular establishment. They are useful for both indoor and outdoor events.

These barricades can also have various designs, shapes, and sizes. For outdoor usage, some of them might be anchored to the ground with weights to prevent winds from tipping them over. They might be made from different types of materials such as plastic, metal, or rubber. Indoor barricades are usually made from metal poles and incorporate ropes to delimit a certain area.

They Are Used in Construction

As mentioned earlier, pedestrian barricades are also required around construction sites. They inform and instruct passersby to avoid a certain area or take a different route. This is temporary and prevents confusion or distractions for the workers. In some cases, pedestrian barricades can be installed on sidewalks or portions of the street and they are usually anchored to the ground with weights. In rare cases, these barricades can provide protection for workers if a driver accidentally bumps into them.

They Are Used for Advertising

You might be happy to find out that pedestrian barricades can also be used for advertising purposes. For example, if they are used in construction sites, they might display billboards with information about the general contractor, building permits, project deadline, amenities and services provided when the construction is finished, etc. If the barricades are installed around large arenas or concert halls, they can display information about the artists who will attend the event, sponsors, organizers, and many other details.

They Are Used to Provide Directions

Finally, pedestrian barricades can also offer directions to passersby as well as drivers. They can contain information on what route to take to avoid a certain construction site. They might also incorporate signage options to instruct drivers regarding the recommended speed limit in that area, alternate routes, and so on.

As you can see, there are many uses for pedestrian barricades around construction sites and for other purposes as well. Contact Starr Industries today to learn more about pedestrian barricades, their types, and how to use them efficiently for your projects.

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