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3 Shoring Safety Tips During Summer

Construction during summer comes with sets of hazards that need to be mitigated. One of these involve shoring. Climate change has made weather unpredictable and may manifest as heavy rain during summer months. For a construction project, one cannot stop doing the construction during this time unless the weather is particularly bad.

To ensure that works continues during such a time and that the building and workers are protected, it’s important to do adequate shoring. This is a way of putting supporting braces on structures that may become prone to collapse due to issues including loosened soil and slight mudslides. To do shoring safety during summer properly, there are some tips that you should never ignore including:

Weather Monitoring

Weather forecasts are much more reliable today than they were a decade ago, and are easily gotten as well. If you have a smartphone, it’s as easy as downloading a weather forecast app. The point of this is to understand the coming weather patterns so that you can prepare for them adequately. If it shows that there will be sustained rain for several days or weeks, this will have an impact on the shoring done to protect the property and construction as a whole.

Professional scaffolding firms tend to have excellent weather monitoring apps that they use for this purpose. Rather than use your own staff for scaffolding, you could hire one of these to have access to this service. This will give you peace of mind.  

Keeping an Eye for Standing Water

According to many regulations, it is important to keep staff away from standing water in a construction sites. To avoid slowing down the construction process, the scaffolding and shoring can be done after surveying the property and identifying potential standing water sites. This gives you ample time to prevent unnecessary accumulation of water. Accumulation of water in trenches and other land depressions can cause caving in especially if the surrounding soil is loose. This should be another aspect to shoring that should not be forgotten.

Soil Classification

The soil has to be classified correctly for you to anticipate any negative outcomes. If soil is determined to be very porous, increased moisture could interfere with its integrity and lead to catastrophe. For the soil classification to be done correctly, a competent person has to do it. They will take soil samples from different areas of the site and give you detailed information regarding the soil’s integrity.

If the soil is not stable, then shoring will have to be done more aggressively especially if it’s found out that increased water content will degrade the ability of the soil to withstand pressure. This determines how you will go about the shoring. If the soil has good integrity even if it contains a lot of moisture, you can use that area for shoring or benching. Otherwise, it would be wise to use other systems such as a shield or rail.

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