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3 Scaffolding Hazards To Avoid For Summer

Scaffolding hazards can occur when doing construction work during the summer. This usually results in an increased construction timeframe, increased risk to the construction workers and ultimately will inflate the cost of the construction.

Avoiding this is as simple as noting the scaffolding hazards that summer brings forward, and then making efforts to avoid them. In many jurisdictions, there are specific things that need to be done to ensure the safety of a construction site during summer. Not doing so could lead the constructor to facing fines, and in many cases jailtime depending on the type of infraction.

 These are some of the scaffolding hazards you need to take into account during construction in summer, and then mitigate them accordingly.


Heatstroke is a major problem that could lead to reduced worker productivity. Because of climate change, the temperatures reached during summer are higher than one decade ago. When people are working under such conditions without due protection, they are likely to suffer heatstroke which can debilitate them or even lead to casualties.

People working on scaffolding are more likely to be affected by heatstroke. They are exposed to the elements and if not well hydrated, will suffer dehydration and sunburn. Making sure that they get enough hydration and protection from the elements will suffice. It’s also important that they use sunscreen, and that their clothing is breathable.  

Loss of Grip

People working on scaffolding are usually high off the ground and need to hold on to the scaffolding in addition to having safety harnesses on. During summer, it’s easy to sweat too much, and this can reduce grip significantly.

Simply using ideal, industrial gloves preferably made for use during summer will help in mitigating this. It’s also important that quality scaffolding be used as this will increase grip even when one is sweating.

Exposure to Explosions

Due to the heat present during summer, chemicals and pressurized cannisters are exposed to potential heating up. This could lead to fires or explosions. The former is more likely with highly flammable materials being exposed to very high temperatures.

To avoid this, chemicals in a construction site used by scaffolding workers need to be properly handled. Cannisters at risk of explosion should not be stored anywhere near scaffolding to protect the people using it. A cool, dry place is usually ideal. Liquids that are flammable should be stored in a separate location from other flammable liquids, and if possible, in areas that don’t have flammable solids. Examples of this include gasoline used to operate machinery around the construction site.  

Often, you will find clear instructions on how to store flammable or explosive material as part of the paperwork that comes with it. Making sure that there is a team in charge of these materials is important. They should also be well-versed in the measures to be taken when storing materials that are likely to explode or become flammable on exposure to high temperatures.

Starr Industries LLC has the capacity to meet all your scaffolding needs to make construction safer and faster during summer. Contact us today for an overview of the scaffolding services we have on offer.

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